Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dramatic Re-entry

Studly car pulls up to the kerb.

Door opens.

You see shiny shoe(s).

Camera pans up in slo-mo.

Grey Armani with dashing silk tie.

Aviator sunglasses pulled off.

Man walks onto the red carpet.

Flashbulbs go off.

I'm not there.

I'm at home, watching this on TV. However, in the friendly words of casper...

Um... Boo?



Cheeky said...

Pun in the title intended?

sims said...

Welcome back..and congrats on the institute blues and ratna award..see u at manjarun!

Kini said...

@Prasanna: I wish I could be all suave and say, but of course. But no, I didn't see that one coming from a million miles away.

@Sims: Thanks! I went to your blog stared very hard at the pictures and still couldn't place you. I know that makes me a horrible person. And I'm guilty. But... have we met?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back.

I should hunt up one of Webit's Boo poems for you to read.

Czar said...

Nimm ajji! :D

suraksha said...

:D Good to read here again!

Grumpy said...

hi. i found this blog by mistake. i was readin the hum tum review. its great and this is great it....heheh...keep it up...hope u start writing some new stuff


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