Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Couple Thing

They sat quietly on a very normal dirt road. It was romantic, but not quite. The autumn leaves had fallen, but they were a little wet, a little crushed and very squishy.

"Autumn leaves are supposed to be crisp aren't they?" he wondered, while at the same time listening to the girl speak. There was an exhaust fan in the back ground, and the light from a flourescent lamp in the building nearby slowly streamed out onto the dirt.

"Why do flourescent lamps remove the magic from the air?" wondered the girl as she spoke. She spoke about nothing in particular. They were a couple, the two of them. They were 'seeing' each other.

Two very normal people, having a very normal relationship.

He'd say "I Love You."

She'd say "I Love You too."

They'd both tell themselves that they loved the other person. And everytime they tried to think of a reason, they'd just wonder for a while and then decide it wasn't worth the effort. Every time they spoke on the phone they'd ache to drag the conversation further, in the hope that it would suddenly turn spontaneous and happy. But it wouldn't happen. It would stay. Just like that. Normal. Two people talking, about nothing. Period.

"How many times can I possibly tell her about my day and still make it interesting?"

"How many times will he say 'I Love You' just to make this conversation passionate?"

And so they went on. Sitting on that dirt road. Him having run out of anecdotes and funny stories. Her having run out of nice things to say about him. Two people talking, because they felt they ought to. Period.

"Autumn leaves are supposed to be crisp aren't they?" he said.

"I know, its so gross when that happens. I mean, they make it out to be so romantic don't they. Miles Davis with his jazz solos, they never talk about how the leaking water from a nearby drain can make it a stinky pile of mush."

"Exactly! They try to make these everyday things sound all lovey-dovey and poetic. It's funny how the air never really feels that way."

"Don't you think tubelights remove the magic from the air?" she asked.

"Yeah... yeah, totally. The light feel so artificial, so like.. I dunno, it just feels like its trying too hard."

"Kinda like us sometimes no?"

He chuckled, "... Kinda like us, yeah." and shook his head slowly.

"Chal, let's go get some coffee." she slowly stood up slid the hair-band off her wrist and bit it as she bunched her hair up, tying it into a ponytail. And he wondered why women never understood how hot they looked when they left their hair open.

"Yeah lets..."

And they walked holding hands. They had to you know. It's a couple thing.

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