Saturday, January 28, 2006

To Pinni

Listen kid,

There are a few things I need to tell you. It's not like it can't wait, but life's been good to me of late and I'd much rather talk to you when the going's good. Life's too beautiful to be talked about in any other way. You're almost 17 now and that was a hard age for me. Seeing how you look up to me so much, I can pretty much tell how you must be feeling right now.

First off kid I'd wanna say I'm sorry. It hurts me more than you can imagine. I want to be there for you now more than anything else. But I can't. And life's like that sometimes darling. You don't always get what you want. Shit happens, what can I say?

Maybe I started on a sombre note, but I wanna say I love you kid. More than my heart can take.

Before you start getting all sentimental, let's get right down to the good stuff. I'm so excited for you kid. I feel like I'm gonna get to live all those golden years all over again through you. I know it sounds all preachy and cliched, but you're my star and I'm gonna live vicariously through you, yes at age 20 I'm a fuckin dad. How cool is that?

To quote steely dan... "Your everlasting summer you can see it fading fast, so you grab a piece of something you think is gonna last." So I'm grabbing hold of you kid. Live life, and live it like I did kid. Right up to the hilt. By the way, start listen to jazz seriously, ditch tripping on floyd. This shit is where its at! You'll know what I'm saying soon enough.

But now I'm gonna be very generic kid. Cuz that's all I can be when I'm telling you stuff like this. The specifics of 17-18-19 just kills the experience so just go out there and have yourself a ball. But please please please kid, never ever ever forget your priorities. Study hard kid, your marks definitely arent a sign of your intelligence, but it sure as hell tells another person about your ability to take shit when its thrown at you.

Sure you'll have ups and downs, sure you'll feel like shit sometimes, you may even get to the point of feeling pointless and suicidal. But I'll tell you this kid. It gets better, much much better. You're too much of a toughie for things to go the other way. Whatever happens at home with mom and dad or with your acads or with men, it'll get better.

Speaking of men. I'd like to tell you to stay the hell away from our slimy race but all I can say is be careful kid. Be smart about how you deal with em. Heck I know you will, but its my job to tell ya anyway. And if anybody ever hurts you, you know I'm just a call away and I'll kick the shit out of the asshole!

All said and done kid, I just wrote this to tell you that I'll always always always be there for you pinni. Watching with the proudest smile I can muster. I know you'll go far. It's just a matter of time before you realize the same thing. I'll tell you more to make you cry when I see you next.

Take care of yourself kid. You know I love you.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Interview with Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society (NY Rock)

Interview with Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society (NY Rock) - "All I do in my life is make sure I have massive sex with my wife, take care of my kids, practice guitar, write songs, lift weights and clean up Rottweiler dog shit. If anything gets beyond that, it gets confusing."

Funny man. Great musician. (Thanks, Goat-o)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Baby, Please Don't Go! (My first blues number!)

I see you and you see me,
Strangers alone on a one way street,
Smiling quietly, heading away,
Baby, I like the way you sway.

Turn around sunshine,
I'd like to tell you a story of mine,
Quietly standing in the sun,
Of tears fought and battles won.

Yes it has, it's been a while,
Since I made a stranger smile.
Quirky conversation beside a cafe window,
Your hair moves in wisps as the wind blows.

You smell of peaches and cream,
Smell so good darlin' I could scream.
Could I fall in love, in love over just a few lines?
I'm a lost kid, please, baby, please be mine.

So this is a kid, writin' you a song,
He'd like you to sing along.
And hold his hand like a good baby girl,
Dance with him and give his hair a nice good twirl.

I see you and you see me,
Strangers alone on a one way street.
Smiling quietly, heading away,
Nothing happened, cuz, there was nothing I could say.

N.B: Listening to Muddy Waters while writing a poem can lead to "happy" bluesy poems. It's that blues scale. It does something to you!

I promise

To my brothers in arms,

I call today, to speak to you as an equal. Not in distress and not in joy. But in the sheer spirit of respect. I call today to welcome you into a world that I have only just discovered. Into a world in which I am but an infant. The world of men.

A world where every man stands on his own two feet. A world where responsibility is not a chore but the breath in our lungs making our chests swell with pride. A world where class isn't accquired or sought after or put on, but lived. I call today from a place my fathers and fore-fathers have wished me to see. I call today for I have learnt the meaning of friendship.

I speak as a friend, as a brother, as an equal.

I speak today with a certain hope in my heart. With promises to keep and lives to live.

To awake each morning with a sense of purpose. To treat each man as I wish to be treated. To laugh, but laugh only with a heart so light, that it may fill the room with an air of truth. To never speak without concern and without respect for each word that is being said. To listen with an intensity that the speaker has merited. To write, with a clean precision that the written word deserves. To bow to courage, a virtue so seldom seen. To love with complete abandon, irrespective of the hurt it may cause.

To live deep, to write verses in powerful plays, to suck the marrow of life.

I promise.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I Look Like A Monkey, And I Act Like One Too!

It's my birthday today. I've had a blessed life. Yes issues and all. I say it today and i mean every bloody word. I've loved every moment. I stand today with no regrets. And lots to look forward to. I'm not in a zen like state of complete peace but I'm happy. I think thats what counts.

So here goes, this one is for everyone that has stuck by me. My sister, my parents, my pals, my teachers and everybody who thinks I'm worthwhile. As for the others, I'm not going to bother being politically correct in my own little nook in cyber space. FUCK OFF! I mean it, get the hell away from me! *grins* Now that I've done away with the riff-raff, I'm back to the people who matter.

To everyone... Thanks!

I am who I am because of the people I've met. This is not a poetic exaggeration. My tastes, my interests, my opinions, my persona has been shaped almost completely by the people I've met and cared about or respected. I don't know if thats a good or bad thing but that's how it has been. And I think its turned out OK. I stand today, with a long but beautiful road ahead of me. With a deep breath and a smile, I plunge on. World Domination awaits!

Cheers everyone!

Have a beer on me. I'll pay for it later! Hic!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

The New Year.

I danced with my sister today. She made me smile.

This will be a happy new year indeed.

Cheers everyone.

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