Friday, October 14, 2005

Spread the word, y'all.

Of IIPM and people going "What the bloody hell?!"

Once in every person's life, an opportunity presents itself for that personto do something; to stand up and be counted as a real person. More so for bloggers. Sure we hide behind the facade of fake IDs and email adds, but we know how to raise our voices when one of our fraternity is pissed upon (!).

Calling all to put their mite. Dare to dream beyond this?

We've got to kill them, each rat bastard one of them.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Just Another Saturday Night

Quiet peace is something I’ve been looking for a long time. There have even been moments where I have genuinely believed that I had attained it. I "knew" that I had gotten it. And then not quite suddenly, but with a pace that was gradual and receding at the same time the mundane nature of habit would charge its almost inevitable and quiet determined march. I would then return to become a creature of habit, forgetting to appreciate the morning breeze, the evening coffee, the feel of cotton on my skin and so many other sensations that I fall in love with whenever I take the care of paying attention to them.

I really don’t want that, I like that I can see life in a different way, its one of those things in me that give me some sort of solace. I can care about and love the world very deeply because I can find things about it that I think matter a lot. But then when I have behaved this way for such a long time it is quite probable that I might fall prey to habit. It’s easier in the beginning to live like I do, on habit. It doesn’t matter much, and easiest of all, one doesn’t have to think too much. I could meander through life without really caring about anything and I would be none the wiser. But there are moments when I feel what I want to feel. Moments where I care. Moments where life seems like a pretty girl that I could so easily fall in love with over a cup of coffee and a conversation.

I like having conversations with life. They make me a happy guy. I like looking at how the sun makes patterns when its rays pass through the leaves on an early Thursday evening. I like looking at city lights cast a light delicate haze over the Chennai night sky and hide those twinkling stars under a sliver of a veil. I can see those stars, so can you. Just keep looking at them real hard and then before you know it, entire constellations that you hadn’t spotted before will suddenly start popping up and you'll start smiling. I did at least.

I like thinking about love, I think one of the most beautiful things about life is that it allows you to lose yourself so completely in another person that you find meaning. Meaning in being there for the person you love, meaning in your lover being someone that helps you see life as something that was fuller. It allows you to be thoroughly intoxicated with life without having a drop of any superfluous chemical flowing through your veins. I like knowing that.

Rarely have I seen anything more beautiful, more sensual, more tender or more sombrely meaningful than a woman and a man, unclothed, bare and completely in love looking at each other. No apologies for having loved one another, no care about what mean mouths might say, no regrets period. The purposeful flow of skin, the shapes that fit each other so perfectly. It has an air of electricity around it, a quiet, complete and glowing fire. The glint in the eyes of somebody when they live life so completely is something that deems life worthy of living. I understand at these moments the simple truths that most people seem to have forgotten. That people exist to complete each others lives. The simple truth of yin and yang. I don’t want to forget these things even for a moment. I want to pay more attention to life.

I want to live like that. I want to smile at the little things in life more often and not lead a life that’s filled with so much inanity and so many frivolous and unimportant feelings that they fill your heart with lead. Making it too heavy to carry it with you. Hearts are better, light and airy smiling about who you are and how you live.

I like being happy, I think that’s the point of the whole thing. I've read a bit of philosophy and I’ve thought a lot about it a couple of years back. I've seen a lot of people asking what the point of life is. I think it’s a good question, and like all good questions, I think it has a nice simple answer. The point is probably to just be happy. Like life. Smile when you walk, look at the sky, breathe in the air, feel warm coffee or cool water go down your throat and the touch of another on your skin, love somebody and be loved in return.

I know that tomorrow morning I will wake up and walk out into my little word with that facade very firmly back in place. I'll be sarcastic and self-assured. I'll be suave and the "pseud" guy. I'll be the cheat that I've grown to hate. But I will say this... I liked who I was tonight. I was somebody that I don’t know too well, but I have a feeling that it was me.


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