Thursday, September 29, 2005

Did you come along?

Did you come along and smile?
And make my lips tremble a while.
Come along shivering and cold
And leave, before I awoke?
Before I was bold?

I’ve seen you around haven’t I?
In those childlike fantasies of mine.
Made love to you under the night sky,
Giggled with you and made you cry.

I wish I could’ve shown you,
This tiny little world I know.
I wish I could’ve known you,
And made you laugh
Seen that face glow.

I didn’t know I swear…
I didn’t know who you were
Those quiet feet have passed me by
Tell me; tell me, it was a lie.

Did you come along?
When I wasn’t looking?
Did you come along?
And leave me looking for reason.
Did you leave me...?

This one is for someone whom I haven't met,
that someone, whom I hope hasn't passed me by...

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